Tuesday 1-23-18

Greetings and welcome!

That was a pretty good blanket of snow that we got yesterday. There wasn’t much additional snow after the 7″ tape measure picture, maybe an inch. I am still working on my snow removal chores and have not saddled up on the sled yet.

There was a lot of moisture to the snow initially. Last night when I was walking outside at sunset to get firewood there was water saturating the bottom of my deeper tracks. That has now frozen in and made ice under the snow. This was a very good snow for our cause.

Use your sick days wisely!

It is my habit to not take the forecast and models too seriously until a day or two after the big storm. Hopefully they do change. Right now the TV is showing 45 for Friday and 40 for Saturday.

The sooner that I get my work done the sooner that I can ride. Gotta go.


One thought on “Tuesday 1-23-18”

  1. 4-6″ of snow at Chute Pond. About 6″ of snow in Carter/Wabeno area. Langlade?Lily area also had about 6″. Let’s ride!

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