Tuesday February 26, 2019

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I am not sure where to start this morning.

That must have been one heck of a storm for places NW of here that got a foot plus of snow and those 50-60 mph winds. The snow piles along the road on the way to work ( In Crivitz)  were a foot higher than the RH mirror on my car, and some went 10′ plus. The roads were really bad north of Hwy X because they were solid black ice. What do you do with all of those roads when salt doesn’t work at a high of 9 degrees and a low of -9? Only the sunny spots were good.

When I left Crivitz a little after 7pm it was 7 degrees. When I hit Hwy X it was down to 3. At C &A it was -3, and when I got home it was -7.

So I am just marveling at how much snow that we have. I would really like to chronicle it. I might buy a helmet cam tomorrow. The ATV/snowmobile trail between Jungle Jim’s and the BP gas station are actually higher than the road, and that is a deep ditch. I have about 100 yards of driveway that I have to snowblow because the plow truck can’t throw the snow 4′ high to get over the banks. Those banks are near vertical and my car barely fits through them. The snow next to my front step (north side of the house-zero sun..) is almost 4′ deep. Reports of roofs collapsing are common. Wow.

We were talking about it in the Rapids Saturday. I think it was about 08 or so that I walked down to the river to do my pictures in April in waist deep snow, and my second winter here (2000) I recall chest deep snow in bad spots.. That is the only time in my 19 years here that I have seen anything near this much snow.  (What a great time to hurt my ACL and get a knee like a cantaloupe..)

I am a little concerned about what happens when this all melts? It is going to be one heck of a spring whitewater season. I have never seen the Pesh over 52″, and I have taken almost a million pictures as an action sports photographer, most of them on the Peshtigo River. I am going to put it out there and say that I will be very surprised if we don’t see 60-65″ plus at some point.

At any rate the trails and even the road trails are ample with snow. Get while you can. When the pendulum swings back..

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday February 26, 2019

  1. Back in ‘97 or ‘98 NEW and northern wisc in general, had an epic Winter, with tons of snow…. Back then, i used to come up to whitewater canoe the Wolf (and other rivers such as the Oconto, Pike, upper Pesh etc) several times a season…. I remember the Pesh being closed to paddlers in April or May, when everything was melting down…..methinks it was 40-50+ at the bridge…. Over on the Wolf, me and my buddy did Section 1 (Lily to Hollister), which was running 40+ at the ruler gage at the Langlade bridge, thinking Section 1 was no big deal compared to 3 and 4…. Welp, we were wrong! At those levels, even the little Class 1 rapids were monsters….we wiped out and i thought i was dead! Anyway, having said that, i’m quite sure all NEW whitewater rivers will be epic in the spring…. For the first time, I’m gonna try to organize a ww rafting trip with my boys and their friends/fathers, since they’re now old enough….

    Happy trails/paddlin’ and THINK [MORE] SNOW!!!!!

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